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This is a Pre-owned ME-80 and is the latest and greatest in a line of multi FX units that takes the very best of individual stomp box easy of use and combines it with the very best of multi FX flexibility. Each separate FX module has its own dedicated knobs and footswitch (8 in total) so it only takes a glance down to see what effects are on and what settings they've got. And it makes it unblieveably easy to tweak your settings on the fly, something that is a nightmare with more multi FX units that have you scrolling through endless menus and tweaking multifunction encoder knobs that give you no visual or tactile feedback!

The ME-80 takes many of its sounds from the flagship Boss multi FX the GT100 which uses the powerful COSM processing algorythmns for dynamic realistic tones constructed from decades of experience as the biggest stompbox producer in the world! It's true that Boss is number 1 in most people's minds for effects and the ME-80 doesn't disappoint with a wide range of great sounds including amp effects, modulation, delays, reverbs and more!

Advanced users can look beyond manual stompbox mode and get creative making their own patches and banks of effects. It's a lot like having a whole pedal board complete with programmable controller all in one unit just at about 1% of the cost! And if you really want to get nitty gritty you can download free Boss Tone Studio software for your computer and manage your patches, download and share with others and more!

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