Very Rare! Late 60s/Early 70s Park/Marshall 100Watt PA Head
  • Very Rare! Late 60s/Early 70s Park/Marshall 100Watt PA Head
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Very Rare! Late 60s/Early 70s Park/Marshall 100Watt PA Head.

A Little History

Jim Marshall entered into a 15-year distribution deal with British company Rose-Morris during 1965, which had given him the capital to expand his manufacturing operations, though it would prove to be costly. In retrospect, Marshall admitted the Rose-Morris deal was "the biggest mistake I ever made. Rose-Morris hadn't a clue, really. For export, they added 55% onto my price, which pretty much priced us out of the world market for a long time.

The new contract had disenfranchised several of Marshall's key players in the early British distribution system he had set up. Among them was Jim's old friend Johnny Jones. To accommodate his friend, Marshall launched the Park brand name. These were essentially Marshall amps, but the nameplate said "Park" (the maiden name of Jones's wife, Margaret), which Jones could then distribute without violating the Rose-Morris contract.

The Park line would also be used over the years for experimental models and other products Rose-Morris wasn't interested in. Other brand names Marshall Amplification had used for various business reasons included Big M (for the former West German market), Kitchen/Marshall (for the Kitchen Music retail chain in North London), Narb (Ken Bran's surname spelled backwards) and CMI (Cleartone Musical Instruments.

This 6 channel PA amp is all original and Very Rare! and is irreplacable!!

On-top of all this and being close to being around 40 years old it sounds Great! and is Very Loud!

And it all works beautifully.

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