Wincent 19A Rods
  • Wincent 19A Rods
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Wincent 19A Rods, material: birchwood, The 19A series is designed with an adjustable rubber ring which allows even softer playing. Just spread out the birch dowels and play with real sensitivity and control, L=405mm D=16mm

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Wincent 7AX Rods
  • Wincent 7AX Rods
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Wincent 7AX Rods, material: birchwood, The 7AX series is designed to generate more rebound and produce a brighter sound. The rods include the unique Wincent rubber o-ring, L=405mm D=16mm

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The PP145 is a Junior Wood Cajon with snare and rosette. The Cajon is the perfect instrument for acoustic gigs and jams. The player sits on the Cajon and hits and slaps the back and sides to create a variety of percussive sounds. The sound and tone of the Cajon can be changed by tilting and angling the box. The Cajon originates in South America and is a major part in Afro-Cuban music.

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